“[An] adventurous recording... Schendel's trumpet playing is solid, and her versatile musicianship is showcased throughout... [In the Suite] the ensemble plays very well, and their intonation is absolutely stunning... Schendel's recording is a wonderful collection... The consistent playing and variety of repertoire makes this a wonderful addition to any trumpeter's recording collection." John Falskow, ITG Journal [June 2015]

“My favorite work on this album is the first, Patrick Schultz’s brief but mesmerizing Fanfare for trumpet and organ... Schendel plays incisively without overdoing it and while maintaining a purity and roundness of tone that draws us in. Gregory Hand is the fine organist... The organ of First Presbyterian Church, Iowa City, sounds terrific."
Barry Kilpatrick, American Record Guide [March/April 2015]

“[ * * * ½ ] This is an aptly-named and very well-played collection of contemporary chamber music of several world premier compositions. As a fan of the similar music of Eric Ewazen, I also found this collection stimulating and enjoyable... [the performers are] excellent, and they acquit themselves nicely in these modern compositions... The recording is a good one...the instruments come through musically and with good stereo imaging… The program is well put together, and the quality of the playing is high." Mel Martin, Audiophile Audition [January 2015]

“Amy Schendel has assembled a group of immaculate performers for a compact disc release of world premiere recordings which should be required listening for brass players young and old, student and professional, worldwide. The disc will appeal further to anyone who relishes fine brass playing and to lovers of recent contemporary chamber music... Amy Schendel’s trumpet playing throughout this recording is characterized by impeccable legato and flawless intonation, which are rare these days in any instrumental brass context. She is a brilliant musician who is being exceptionally generous in lending her talents to music that is new and challenging though, at its best, highly rewarding."
Charles Pope Jr., ConcertoNet [December 2014]